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The Masterclass is a GO!

Dear Clinic Attendees,

We are thrilled to announce that with the uptake in sales and increases in corporate sponsorship the Ingrid Klimke Master Class is a go!

Our thanks also to Ingrid and her team for working with us to overcome the challenges. She is really looking forward to coming to Canada!

We appreciate your patience as we worked hard to find a way for this wonderful opportunity to take place.

Don’t be fooled, we have plenty of tickets available and hope you will join us to pack the house for an amazing weekend with one the world’s best equestrians! We need your support to ensure viability going forward.

Our rider selection is just being finalized and we will be announcing the list tomorrow September 17th. Thanks, so much to all the riders that applied.

We would love to accommodate everyone, but time restrictions mean that we just cannot fit everyone in.

We know that this will be a disappointment for those that don’t make the cut, so as a thank you, we will provide a free auditor ticket to each rider that supported this Masterclass

Visit for available tickets and details.

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