Tattoo 15 named 2018 Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award winner at Caledon Equestrian Park

Belinda Trussell and Tattoo 15 were surprised with a special award during the 2018 Caledon CDI Salute to Dressage show at Caledon Equestrian Park.

Belinda Trussell and Tattoo 15 accepting the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award at

Caledon Salute to Dressage, July 20-22, 2018. Photo Credit: Karie Elizebeth Photography

While the pair have become synonymous in the competition ring over the past five years together, this award belongs to Tattoo 15 all his own. He was the clear winner of the 2018 Canadian Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Healthy Horse Award.

The majestic 15-year-old Westfalen is a most deserving recipient. "He is a really talented horse. He's a great horse," said two-time Canadian Olympian Trussell, while adding Omega Alpha is a regular part of Tattoo's health regiment.

"I have been using Omega Alpha on him for a long-time and it's funny that it's an Omega Alpha Award because I use it daily. Their products are fantastic, and they've definitely contributed to his success," she said.

And successful they have been. Not only did the pair have a great week at Caledon Equestrian Park during the first annual CDI Salute to Dressage, but their season's success has them eyeing a shot at a spot-on Canada's National Dressage Team.

Belinda Trussell aboard Tattoo 15 in competition.

Photo Credit: Karie Elizebeth Photography

"He had some nice success this winter in Florida at the Global Dressage Festival, often placing in the top five and sometimes the top three. Last year was the first year that I rode him Grand Prix, it's only his second year of Grand Prix, so we did a lot of National shows. We competed in some CDIs in the fall including Saugerties and Devon, and he did win Saugerties, and in Devon I believe he was second," said Trussell.

Trussell, who rides out of Oakcrest Farms in Stouffville, ON, identified Tattoo's personality as her favourite part about him.

"The horse is unique. I've never had a horse with such a complex character," Trussell said. "He's definitely very, very emotional, and that's interesting to train and ride a horse with as much emotion as he has."

"He's also very caring and a kind horse, but also extremely sensitive," she added. That's been challenging, but also rewarding as a rider and trainer."

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals is a Toronto-based leader founded in 1992 specializing in all-natural formulations for enhancing equine health and performance.

"(Omega Alpha) is proud to celebrate the health and happiness of horses and ponies throughout internationally competitive competitions with its Healthy Horse Awards and selection of botanically-based products developed through research-based science".

Visit or call 1-800-651-3172 to learn more about Omega Alpha's award-winning products to support joint health, muscle rehabilitation, calm behaviour and detoxification, respiratory and hormonal health, hoof care and more.

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