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Hugh Graham and Knock Out 3E impress in $20,000 Grand Prix to close out first phase of Caledon Premi

The first phase of the Caledon Premier wrapped up Sunday in thrilling fashion with Hugh Graham and Knock Out 3E winning the $20,000 Grand Prix.

Hugh Graham and Knock Out 3E negotiating the $20,000 Grand Prix.

Photo credit: Mackenzie Clark for Ben Radvanyi Photography

A starting field of 22 was whittled down to six in a thrilling jump-off that saw Graham and Knock Out 3E beat out Orangeville’s Kim Farlinger and Stanley Stone by less than a tenth of a second. Stanley Stone is owned by Sher-Al Farm. Farlinger would also place fifth in the class riding Sher-Al-owned Concello.

“I saw what Kim did and thought to myself what I had to do to beat her. I figured out what I could do and it turned out well,” said Graham following the win.

“I was frustrated last week because I made a bad turn. I redeemed myself this week. I said, ‘I’m focusing on those turns’. I got a couple of good turns (today) and managed to get home early. (Knock Out 3E) jumped great, he’s a great horse. He’s been winning a lot and we’d like to see him on the top of the heap.”

Knock Out 3E is a 9-year-old Warmblood Gelding home-bred by Graham at his very own Kingridge Stables. Graham also used to compete in the Grand Prix Ring with Knock Out 3E’s grandmother, Black Diamond.

Kevin Crosby and Angelstone Partners’ Sombrero Brimbelles set the pace in the jump-off with a time of 41.38 seconds. Farlinger and Stanley Stone were fourth to go and posted what looked to be the winning time of 37.20 seconds. But Graham and Knock Out 3E snuck by them with a near identical clean run of 37.13 seconds for the win.

Crosby and Sombrero Brimbelles would finish third on the day, with Laurie Bucci and Glimmer Man placing fourth.

World-renowned Canadian course designer Michel Vaillancourt was back in the Grand Prix Ring at Caledon Equestrian Park for the Caledon Premier 1, which ran from July 5-9. Vaillancourt, who won a silver individual jumping medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, also served as course designer at the park for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

He had a busy week in the GP ring starting Thursday (July 6) with the $5,000 1.35m Jumper Welcome — Presented by Allequis.

Saint-Marc-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec’s Sabrina Lefebvre and her ride CAYENNE led the way after beating out four other competitors in the jump-off by a wide margin. The pair posted an impressive time of 43.16 seconds in the second round, besting runners up Lexi Ray and ACITA 4 by more than 2.5 seconds.

Jakob Gross and Andrea Scott from Allequis presenting the winning award to Quebec’s Sabrina Lefebvre and CAYENNE. Photo Credit: Mackenzie Clark for Ben Radvanyi Photography

Emma Slaunwhite and Urion placed third with two clear rounds, while Sam Pegg riding Coco Beach Z and Jacqueline Steffens and Euro’s Chin Up rounded out the top five.

The week’s next big class featured in the Grand Prix Ring came Saturday (July 8) with the $10,000 Modified Grand Prix — Presented by Equestrian Factory Outlet.

Six riders advanced to the jump-off out of a large starting field of 33 competitors. Winners Miranda Travers-Cavill and Wildcat were one of only two horse-rider combos to go double-clear on the day, ultimately beating out Laurie Bucci and Black Berry by just over a second.

Winners of the $10,000 Modified Grand Prix Presented by Equestrian Factory Outlet, Miranda Travers Cavill aboard Wildcat. Photo Credit: Mackenzie Clark for Ben Radvanyi Photography

Bucci and Black Berry led things off in the jump-off with a tough-to-beat 38.79 seconds before Travers-Cavill and Wildcat posted a time of 37.78 with one horse to go.

Cannington, Ontario’s Sam Pegg and Shaia de Macheco made things interesting and looked to best the winning entry before taking down the last rail on their way to a time of 36.03 with four faults and a third-place finish.

Natasha Smith-Avery and Beam P placed fourth in the class, while Hyde Moffatt placed fifth riding BreezeBy.

Saturday also saw some impressive rounds in the hunter rings.

Starting off in Hunter Ring 2, overseen this week by course designer Jennifer Ferguson, was the EMG Pony Hunter Classic. The class featured a starting field of 32 including eight small ponies, nine mediums and 15 larges.

Burlington’s Ellah Dubeau-Kielty and Kingsland claimed top prize, followed by Leanna Lazzari and Rotterdam, and Mackenzie Cooper riding Bellagio to round out the top three.

Ellah Dubeau-Kielty aboard Kingsland winning top honours in this week's Pony Classic (above). Leanna Lazzari and Rotterdam finishing in second place (below left), with Mackenzie Cooper riding Bellagio in Third (below right). Photo Credit: Mackenzie Clark for Ben Radvanyi Photography


The Indoor Ring featured a pair of stake classes sponsored by the OHJA on Saturday, followed by two more on Sunday.

Saturday saw Taylor Gray and In the Stars 3E lead things off with a win the $1,500 OHJA Low Children’s Hunter Stake. Grace Clairmont and Prosecco placed second while Elena Grande and Wall Street finished third.

That was followed later in the day by the OHJA $1,500 Low Adult Amateur Hunter Stake. London, Ontario’s Carole Minhinnick and Cienna W took home the red ribbon and top prize, followed by runners-up Samantha Dieleman and Kelso. Lisa Primier and Dasaria were awarded the white ribbon.

The stake classes continued Sunday in the indoor ring with the OHJA $1,500 Beginner Adult Amateur Hunter Stake. Bellissimo and Amanda Hibbins claimed top prize in the class, followed by Michelle Smith and PHENOMENA and Karen Moehlmann and Copacabana in second and third, respectively.

The $1,500 Beginner Children's Hunter Stake also ran Sunday with Brooke Latimer claiming top prize riding Brandy Alexander. William Martin and Quince Z were second with Claudia Aguilera and Mom's Midlife Crisis coming in third.

Things wrapped up Sunday in the Meilsoe hunter ring with Darcy Hayes and Say When winning the $5000 Leon's Canadian Hunter Derby. Hayes and Say When topped an impressive field including runners-up Scott McKay and Cut To the Chase. Third place went to Mackenzey Nadeau and her ride Wilby.

Hilary Donaldson of Leon's Furniture presenting the award to winning combination Say When and Darcy Hayes (above) for their win of the $5000 Leon's Canadian Hunter Derby. Say When and Darcy Hayes compete at the Caledon Equestrian Park during the Caledon Premier 1 - July 5-9, 2017 (below). Photo Credit: Mackenzie Clark for Ben Radvanyi Photography

Up next at Caledon Equestrian Park will be the Dressage Summer Festival and Ontario Show Horse Classic both running July 21-23. That will be followed by the Equestrian Festival from July 25-30. Visit for a full schedule of events and list of results for the past week’s show.

These photographs can be used one time in relation to the above articlre.

Results — Caledon Premier 1 (Horse/Owner/Rider):

$20,000 Grand Prix (July 9)

  1. Knock Out 3E/Kingridge Stables/Hugh Graham

  2. Stanley Stone/Sher-Al Farm/Kim Farlinger

  3. Sombrero Brimbelles/Angelstone Partners/Kevin Crosby

  4. Glimmer Man/Patricia Forgeron/Laurie Bucci

  5. Concello/Sher-Al Farm/Kim Farlinger

$10,000 Modified Grand Prix Presented by Equestrian Factory Outlet

  1. Wildcat/Michele Travers/Miranda Travers-Cavill

  2. Black Berry/Laurie Bucci/Laurie Bucci

  3. Shaia de Macheco/Michael Pegg/Sam Pegg

  4. Beam P/Susan Perreault-Parker/Natasha Smith-Avery

  5. BreezeBy/Rebecca Irvine/Hyde Moffatt

$5,000 1.35m Jumper Welcome Presented by Allequis

  1. CAYENNE/Sabrina Lefebvre/Sabrina Lefebvre

  2. ACITA 4/Lexi Ray/Lexi Ray

  3. Urlon/Sandra Tout/Emma Slaunwhite

  4. Coco Beach Z/Allison Loveridge/Sam Pegg

  5. Euro's Chin Up/Nancy Wetmore/Jacqueline Steffens

$5,000 Leon's Canadian Hunter Derby Presented by Leon's Furniture

  1. Say When/Danielle Trudell – Baran/Darcy Hayes

  2. Cut To the Chase/Donna Vanderwoude-Dyment/Scott McKay

  3. Wilby/Mackenzey Nadeau/Mackenzey Nadeau

  4. Lucky 2 Knight/Knightwood Stables/Muffie Guthrie

  5. King Bee/Louise Brackett/Quincy Hayes

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