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2017 McKee-Pownall Equine Services FEI Groom Appreciation Showcase

We couldn’t do it without them! Grooms are the unsung heroes of many horse show careers. They are driven by a passion for the sport and animals and we would like to acknowledge their hard work. The list of tasks they perform is endless…. grooming, bathing, braiding, lunging, setting jumps, feeding, mucking, riding, tacking up, untacking, cleaning tack, at the ring, at the barn, at home, on the road…. you get the idea!

To show our appreciation to the grooms that make it happen behind the scenes McKee-Pownall Equine Services is proud to introduce the 2017 FEI Groom Appreciation Showcase. There will be a chance to win at each of the 5 FEI jogs over the 2017 show season at the Caledon Equestrian Park.

The groom for each winner will receive $200 and a McKee-Pownall Prize Pack.

Each horse participating in the FEI jog will be judged by the ground jury on their overall presentation. The focus will be on the horse but the overall picture including the presenter can enhance the impression of the equine athlete. This a great opportunity for rider, trainer, owner and everyone associated with their horse to show their appreciation to their amazing grooms by making sure they are presented in the best light. Each winner will receive their prize in the ring before the start of that week’s Grand Prix.

In conjunction with this initiative McKee-Pownall is also pleased to introduce our 2017 Groom Appreciation Instagram Contest offering a $200 cash prize and a McKee-Pownall Prize Pack to the winner.

How to Enter

Enter a photo of your groom for a chance for win! To enter simply follow these instructions:

· Follow @mckeepownallvet on Instagram

· With their permission, post a new photo showcasing your groom hard at work doing what they do to prepare horses for the show ring.

· Use the hashtag #MPESgroomlife

· Tag @mckeeepownallvet in your post

· Nominate your groom by tagging them or adding their name and your location in the photo.


· Email your photo to with the subject line “Groom Appreciation”. In addition to the photo please include the name of the groom you are nominating, and your location. These photos will be added by us to our Instagram account.

Full contest details can be found at

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