2021 Events

January 5, 2021,

Happy New year to all of our equestrian friends and family.  We hope that you are faring well during this "roller-coaster"ride. 


Although 2020 was a very challenging and unprecedented year, EMG has decided to forge ahead with what we know, and what we do best.  Our team feels confident that 2021 is moving forward in a positive direction and that we will be able to host a fantastic competition season at Caledon Equestrian Park for all to enjoy. 


We have finalized and announced our current 2021 schedule of events in order to assist you in making your upcoming plans.  In addition, we will be ironing out many details in the coming weeks and will have prize lists available as soon as possible.  

It goes without saying that we hope you are all staying safe and well and look forward to being able to host an amazing 2021 season with the required health and safety protocols in place.  Please stay tuned to our channels and platforms for more information as we move forward, and as always, thank you for your unwavering support. 

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