2021 Freelance Photographer Program

New for 2021

Over the past few years, the need for a freelance photographers program has become very apparent to Equestrian Management Group (EMG) as digital platforms and advertising capabilities have drastically increased.  In order to allow for a fair playing field of business and opportunity to produce images at Caledon Equestrian Park during EMG events, a Freelance Photographer Program will be implemented and begin March 01, 2021.    In addition to creating an environment that freelance/professional photographers can thrive in, COVID-19 protocols require that we are able to effectively manage the amount of people onsite during the events .  This includes vendors, and spectators.  

If you are interested in requesting to operate your photography business and use Caledon Equestrian Park and EMG events to facilitate this, or would like to take photographs fr anything other than personal use (i.e. if you plan to sell or give your photographs for exhibitor/competitor use) please refer to the presentation below.  

Thank you for the consideration and also the opportunity to serve as a backdrop for your creative spirit!

Please email info@equiman.com with any questions or comments.


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